We offer a range of printing options to complement our CD and DVD copying services so that you can get a final, ready to sell product in one stop. In addition, we offer a range of printed products including leaflets, calendars, greetings cards and more.

Our team can advise you on artwork requirements, or you can contact us for a bespoke design and artwork service to meet the needs of your project. If you’re designing your own artwork, click here to download the right templates for your printing requirements.

When we receive your artwork, our designers will make a series of pre-print checks to ensure that there are no issues with size, resolution, bleed, etc. which might affect the final result. If we find any problems, we will contact you to discuss appropriate options or to request amendments, so that we can be sure of providing you with a high-quality printed finish.

Dieless Cutting

We are the first duplication company in the UK to own an ESKO i-XE10 Cutting Table, meaning that we can offer a wide range of printed products and packaging, cut and creased to any shape possible. This fantastic piece of cutting-edge technology allows us to produce a range of products including printed boxes, CD/DVD multiboxes and craft items. Watch the video below to see it in action.

Printed Boxes

Single/Multiple CD Boxes

Business Cards


Business Card Holder

Cards for all Occassions


CD Printing & DVD Printing

We use the latest thermal retransfer printers which lead the way in media printing, ensuring that our CD printing and DVD printing services are second to none. You get a photo-quality finish which is permanent, waterproof, scratchproof and UV resistant, and unlike inkjet printing there is no need for a toxic lacquer application to prevent smudging or scratching.

Alongside our CD printing and DVD printing services, we offer a range of printed paper parts to give you a full range of options. You can choose standard 2 or 4 page CD booklets which sit in the front of a jewel case, 8 page, 12 page and 16+ page stitched booklets, CD back inlays (either single or double sided at no extra cost) with a professional quality finish and perforations, and DVD wrap inlays which are single or double sided as you require.