Configure your posters

Posters are an ideal marketing method for both brand awareness and informing your customer quickly of what your business or promotion is about. Posters are an inexpensive way of self advertising and if put in the right place will catch the eye of the any potential customers, sticking in their mind and making them more likely to take steps towards acting on the message the poster is promoting. They are a direct method of marketing that will work great in conjunction with Social Media and other traditional marketing methods and are perfect for promoting not only businesses, but bands, organisations, restaurants and much more.

If you have a poster that you need printed, then you need us. Here at Xpress Print Group we can take your design and bring it to life as an exciting and fully realised marketing tool. We offer two sizes for our posters. You can choose between A4 and A3 and arrange them in the customary Portrait or Landscape. We want you to have as many options as possible when it comes to creating your poster, so we also offer 3 options for the thickness of your poster, allowing you to change its durability depending on where you will be placing it.

The easy to use configuration system is something that can be used to create any of our products and ensures you can use any of the options available in any number of combinations, enabling you to create the perfect poster at the price that you want as well. If you would like more information on the poster services that we provide, please call us on 01580 891 333.