Folded Leaflets


Configure your folded leaflets

Folded Leaflets are a marketing technique that in the age of Twitter and Facebook are still able to make a direct impact to a wide target audience. As a direct method of marketing they are a great way of delivering information to your customers and creating brand awareness. Folded leaflets also allow for much more information to be displayed, ensuring that potential customers will be able to learn more about you and your business then they would from a leaflet or Flyer.

Here at Xpress Print Group we want to share our expertise with you. We can produce outstanding folded paper leaflets that will work as marketing tools for individuals and businesses alike. We have four different folded leaflets styles on hand; Half Fold, Z Fold, Roll Fold and Gate Fold. The style you choose will aid you in producing a distinctive appearance for your leaflet and the different styles means you have more choice when producing the perfect folded leaflet for you and your business. Folded leaflets are a tried and tested marketing method and work will work great as brochures, menus and newsletters, all of which will be printed expertly and with superb colour precision.

If you want a simple method to produce your folded leaflets with, then our simple online configuration system is perfect for you. It allows you to configure the size, colour, paper and thickness of your folded leaflet quickly and will even give you the order price as well. Our system ensures that you can attempt as many combinations as you want, helping to ensure that your finished folded leaflet looks the way want and does not take you over budget. If you would like to more information about our folded leaflets, please feel free to call us on 01580 891 333.