Business Cards

Configure your business cards

One of the most effective direct marketing tools is the business card. It is a great ice breaker and helps to leave a lasting impression and due to their size, they can be kept by the receiver in a wallet or purse as a constant reminder of your business and brand. Business cards can be styled simply or extravagantly, as long as they are professionally finished and properly represent your business or brand. That is where Xpress Print Group comes in; we offer a lot of choice when it comes to customising a business card, as we know how important it is to create a business card that flawlessly suits and represents your businesses’ needs and requirements.

We will let you choose exact size that you want your business card to be, this includes the option to make yourself a folded business card. This is a great option for all those businesses and entrepreneurs who want to share as much information about their business as possible. You can also choose between options such as Full Colour, orientation, paper and die cutting. The only thing you cannot customise is the paper. Here at Xpress Print Group we print all our business cards on 350gsm paper. This is a high quality paper and ensures that your business cards all have a professional and high quality finish.

All these options can be modified with our easy to use online configuration system. Our system allows you to try as many different options as you want before you settle on your perfect business card. If you would more information on our business card services, please call us on 01580 891 333.